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WordPress remote development

The smart way to develop your project.

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Why log

We are WordPress experts. We have a set of development processes such as code review, test-driven development and continuous integration to ensure maximum quality.

If you are looking for a web solution, custom plugins and themes development, advanced integrations, or amazing rich interfaces built with React talk to us.

We are a team of software engineers who are passionate about solving complex problems in a simple and effective way.
We have some of the best developers in Portugal and we use WordPress as our projects framework.
We systematically review the code we produce. Every line of code is reviewed by at least one other developer.
Every given mission will be accomplished. If we make a commitment, we will surely stand by it.

How it works

In each project we are given the opportunity to contribute in building new visions and long last relations.

We start by understanding the needs, goals and requirements of your project.
This is where you define the delivery model that better suits your needs and we design the best solution for your goals.
We select the best team to accomplish the project goals and requirements. Every team member is interviewed and validated by you.
Based on agile methodology and two-way communication model, we work with a toolbox that allows to have a daily-based feedback on project.

Delivery models

In order to meet the various needs and goals of clients, we propose 3 different delivery models.

An entirely dedicated remote team that works as an extension of your in-house team, based on a fixed fee.
You’ll have access to a retainer plan that you may use according to your needs.
Launch your project based on the defined specification and we will manage all of the development cycle and delivery management for you and with you.

Why Portugal

Portugal, and especially Lisbon, is an amazing opportunity in terms of IT remote development with matchless advantages

  • Western European Cultural values
  • Political and economic stability
  • One of the world’s safest countries
  • Great cost-efficient workforce
  • High quality and maturity of IT professionals
  • Proximity and time-zone
  • Infrastructures quality
  • English proficiency

Why remote

Remote development has a high value proposition, as it combines the best of two worlds: expert resources at a lower cost plus cultural and physical proximity, matching time-zone and easy communication.

Software companies and IT departments can benefit a lot with remote

  • Working in the same or similar time-zone allows real time collaboration, due to geographic proximity
  • Sharing the same culture values and language
  • Access to a specialized technical and functional team with specific expertise not available in-house
  • Less costly comparing to in-house resources
Trust us. We know exactly what your company needs.
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